As 2015 winds down, and 2016 gets closer and closer, perhaps a moment of reflection is appropriate.

As we all approach the new year and a “new beginning” consider asking yourself this question: Could I have spent more time in the field with my camera and my friends? My guess at your answer, based on my own personal response, is a resounding yes.

All that gear sitting on a shelf, or in your backpack in a corner, shouldn’t be wasted. I’m not talking about the financial impact of how much you spent on that gear, but I’m speaking to your passion. How many times have you gotten up before the crack of dawn, headed out into the field only to be astounded by the beauty of the scene unfolding in front of you? Capturing and sharing those images and your story with friends, family and often the world in this connected age creates a sense of belonging with nature. It pulls your friends and family closer, and provides you with the warm feeling of fulfillment that only those stunning images can give.

And sure, there are plenty of times when you’ve gotten out of a warm bed, headed out to the field and gotten the big goose egg. Or you weren’t able to get out at all due to truly inclement weather. It is those moments, and that camaraderie, that are often the elements of even better stories.

So grab an eggnog and settle in for the holidays. Perhaps you’ll be the lucky recipient of one of the gifts from our tip from last month, or perhaps you’ve given one to support a fellow photographer’s passion. We’ve got a few free eBooks for you to read while sipping on that eggnog. In any case, take a few moments to think about what you’d like to do as a photographer in 2016. Make some plans to travel near or far, sign up for a workshop that will allow you to push your photographic envelope or just find an excuse, ANY excuse, to grab your bag and hop in the car to create some new photos.

Rest assured, you won’t regret it.

Jay, Brendan, and Yuri want to personally send their heartfelt wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and your family, and may 2016 bring only peace and prosperity. We look forward to seeing you in the field next year!



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