I had the pleasure of learning from Jay Goodrich on three occasions, twice in the field and once in a workshop focusing on Lightroom CC. All experiences were invaluable. Jay has an obvious desire to assure that every participant has learned the right skills to capture the right images and to optimize those images in the right ways. He is patient with all levels of experience, finding ways to communicate effectively at each level without ignoring either more or less advanced participants.


Last June, I had the opportunity to be included in Jay Goodrich's photography seminar held in the Big Sur country near Monterey, CA. An added bonus was that Gavriel Jecan, another talented professional, was also in attendance which doubled our teacher/student ratio. Either one of these phenomenal photographers could have handled the class with ease, but their joining together was a fantastic experience for the attendees.


I've been teaching myself photography off and on for about 5 years now, started with film and have moved on to digital. I attended the Seattle seminar with you and Art and it really inspired me to get more serious about it. Honestly I was tired of shooting in western Washington but not anymore. I have learned so much from your blogs, both here and on Outdoor Photographer. I look forward to continuing to learn and hopefully take more classes.


First I want to tell you "Thank You" so much for all your assistance on the workshop last weekend. My wife and I enjoyed it and learned so much from you. I came away with some great images that I normally wouldn't have. And your Lightroom session was very helpful to both of us as well. Again Cornelia and I would like to thank you for everything. And I enjoyed your story about the camera mishap on your website...


Thanks very much for the great lecture you and Art put together for us in Costa Mesa a few weeks back! I learned a lot from the discussion/questions session after as well - thanks for taking so much extra time to do it. I hope you enjoyed your stay down here in SoCal. Thanks again and hope to attend another workshop or tour soon!


Your content is excellent, I loved your workflow ideas, you are very methodical and obviously know your material well. Your enthusiasm for the use of Lightroom is contagious and I love all of your recommendations. You have a great personality for teaching and I'd love to attend future classes you may schedule. If you have a mailing list, please feel free to add my email to it.


I have participated in two of Jay's workshops and have witnessed how dedicated he is to teaching his creative point of view. I have witnessed Jay mobbed by countless participants, all at once, and he tirelessly answers every last question as though it were his first. His individual attention was tailored specifically to my needs as a student. He provided superb guidance on how to communicate the passion and artistry of my shot. All in all, his workshops are the most worthwhile investment I have made in improving my photography.


Thank you so much for all you have showed & taught us this past days in California. I have come home with new skills, great memories and more than 1,100 shots! I even continued shooting at SFO and JFK airports…;) I will def share my pictures with you and the rest of the gang (plse send us their emails). I will also post the best ones on my blog which you can follow at: In the meantime, be well and keep on shooting away.


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment, and give suggestions on how to better my composition. I'm looking forward to your 2014 schedule and having more time with your knowledge and helping me to improve my eye. Please let me know when your new schedule is published. Merry Christmas All the Best to you and your family.