Teton Photo Workshops FAQ

What is the closest airport?  Can I rent a car/truck there?

The closest airport to Jackson WY, is … Jackson Hole Airport (JAC). You’ll find major car rental chains there, including Enterprise, Hertz and Avis amongst others. If you are headed to the northern reaches of Yellowstone National Park it is faster to fly into Bozeman, Montana (BZN)


Where can I stay while I’m at the workshop?

We have partnered with some awesome local hotels, spanning a range of prices for you and your group. Read our Local Resource on Our Favorite Hotels for Photographers for a list and quick reviews of each location.


What is Jackson like?

It depends on the time of year. Memorial Day through Labor Day is fairly crowded with millions of visitors heading into Grand Teton National and Yellowstone National Parks. Early spring and late autumn are quiet and peaceful. Summer temps can get into the 90’s on some years and then others it could snow in July. Winter is a whole different animal. There could be weeks of valley inversion where highs stay well below freezing. It could also rain in the winter in the lower valleys too – though this is a new development in recent years.

Spring can be amazing times to see wildlife and wildflowers while autumn highlights an amazing color palette of falling cottonwood and aspen leaves. Summer typically brings in the drama of powerful afternoon and evening thunderstorms. With the cold of winter, wildlife dominates the lower valleys. It is pretty common to have to wait for a moose to cross a downtown street during rush hour traffic.


Where can I eat?  Drink?

Check out our Local Resources, You’ll find our recommendations and links to some great local restaurants and bars here in Jackson.


Where is the best coffee?

Funny enough, you’ve touched on something close to the corporate heart of the folks here at Teton Photo Workshops. We’ve personally done extensive research, and you’ll find the fruits of our labors in our Local Resources post on the Best Coffee in Jackson, Wyoming for photographers.


Will I need specialized camera or hiking/camping gear?

Well, this certainly depends on the scope of your trip, but if you’re here for a photo workshop you probably will be staying in a hotel. Which means you won’t need too much in the way of camping gear, but your camera equipment could be as simple as a DSLR with one lens to multiple camera bodies and lenses depending on you photographic mission. If you choose to rough it a bit, there are some fantastic camping options (car camping and hike-in locations) both in the park and in the surrounding national forest. Some have as much luxury as showers and restaurants and others are as bare as a patch of ground.


The photos on your website are gorgeous!  Where were they all taken?

All the images you see on Teton Photo Workshops were taken in and around the Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park, and are all locations that are accessible to people taking one of our workshops. The only images not from the area are associated with the e-books in our store.


You take great pictures — there must be a great camera store in Jackson.  Where can I go to get camera gear?

D.D. Camera Corral is actually a great camera store here in Jackson, so you are covered for most miscellaneous photo needs – you can even buy a Canon 1Dx right off of the shelf there. However we often purchase gear from B & H Photo, or Hunts Photo (ask for Gary). My good friends at BorrowLenses.com often supply us with specialty equipment; contact them if you need a specific piece of gear, or want to try something before buying it.


If I come in an RV, is there a place for me to park and hookup?

There are multiple campgrounds with RV hookups both within the town of Jackson, WY and Grand Teton National Park. You are covered in more ways than imaginable.


Can you tell me what the weather is going to be like during my trip?

You’ll be able to find the current weather on wunderground.com to find out; here’s a link to Jackson directly: http://www.wunderground.com/q/zmw:83001.1.99999


What is the one thing in Jackson that you recommend to your friends that is a “locals only” thing to do or place to go?

Locals tend to hide in the shadows as millions of visitors travel through a town who’s permanent population is less than 10,000. That being said, if you need a “one and only” you need to go the Mangy Moose in Teton Village and grab one of their margaritas and if you like a bit of heat as for it spicy. All of your troubles will evaporate within a few sips.


Are there outdoor sporting events we can get involved with?

Yes! There are many. In Winter there is downhill skiing, backcountry skiing, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, and fat bike riding. In summer there is mountain biking, road biking, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, wind surfing, rodeo, trail running, kayaking, boating, water skiing, rock climbing and even mountaineering.


I have a question you haven’t answered — how can I get an answer?

Feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Page, there you can send us a direct email by simply filling out our contact form. The crack team of professionals here at Teton Photo Workshops will answer your question as quickly as possible.





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